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Panda Antivirus Pro 17.0.2 Multilingual-熊貓防病毒軟件
Panda Antivirus Pro是一款高效且用戶友好的防病毒應用程序,使用可完美保護你的系統,避免病毒、間諜軟件、root工具包、黑客和在線欺詐等。提供量身定製的解決方案,以保護您的Windows設備並充分利用它們,為您做出最佳決策,Panda設置完成後可在後台運行,只會在發現感染或需要採取措施時提醒您。防火牆取代了Windows默認防火牆,並且能夠允許來自常見應用程序的連接。您必須決定是否提供未列入白名單的互聯網訪問權限的應用。在針對標準化病毒攻擊進行測試時,Panda Antivirus Pro會立即停止受感染的文件,而不會對我們的工作造成重大影響。實時保護為您提供針對已知和未知病毒的全面保護。聊天,分享照片和視頻,在線購物,閱讀您喜歡的博客或只是完全放心地瀏覽網頁而不會中斷。憑藉其全新的實時保護技術,新的Panda Antivirus Pro比以往更安全,更快速,更完整。以安全模式啟動計算機並在危急情況下對其進行消毒。共享此恢復工具並幫助其他人清理他們的計算機。Panda Antivirus Pro的界面已經完全重新設計,重點在於易於閱讀和使用。功能現在是大而彩色的圖標,最重要的信息在頂部顯示圖表和大文本。菜單及其解釋也已簡化,因此您可以準確瞭解每個功能的作用。Panda Antivirus Pro中的新功能是USB疫苗,可防止惡意軟件在連接到計算機時自動運行。這是防止外部設備感染的一種非常基本的方法.

The Panda Antivirus Pro provides the easiest-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, root-kits, hackers and online fraud. Panda Antivirus Pro will make the best decisions for you to keep your PC protected.

With Panda Antivirus Pro you can enjoy real-time protection against the latest malware threats. Not only does it provide protection for your PC, but you even get security for your Android device. Panda Antivirus Pro also protects your wireless network from hackers and intruders.

Panda Antivirus Pro provides essential protection against spyware, phishing (online fraud), rootkits (stealth techniques) and banker Trojans.

Real-time protection provides you with complete protection against known and unknown viruses. Chat, share photos and videos, shop online, read your favorite blogs or simply browse the Web with complete peace of mind and without interruption. Thanks to its new real-time protection technology, the new Panda Antivirus Pro is safer, faster and more complete than ever before. Start your computer in safe mode and disinfect it in critical situations. Share this recovery tool and help others clean their computers.

Key Features Include:
Real-time Antivirus & Anti-spyware.
Behavioral analysis protection.
Process Monitor.
URL & web filtering.
Panda Security's technologies provide an intelligent protection system that is based upon a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be up-to-date and protected. Additionally, your PC won't restrict the detection power as Panda's huge virus detection database is located on the Internet (the cloud).

With Panda Antivirus Pro you can enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user experience aligned with that provided by the latest operating systems and platforms, and you don't have to be an expert to use it. Panda Antivirus Pro does everything for you. Install it and forget about viruses and other threats.