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Gaucho Seasonality Core v2.6 MacOSX-超級華麗的天氣預報應用軟件
Seasonality core Mac是知您網蒐集到的Mac os系統上一款超級華麗的天氣預報應用軟件,它可以監測天氣,天氣預報,衛星圖像,天文信息,氣象日記,以及更多其他與氣象相關的功能。任何一個氣象愛好者都應該有這款軟件。它提供最完整最詳細的天氣信息,一位天氣軟件愛好者早博客裡對這款程序大加讚賞。有了它,你可以查看到內置的200多個國家裡34000個地區的天氣。或者你也可以自定義添加一個地區。以查看該地區更精確的天氣數據。我們提供7天內的天氣預報,和自定義的衛星或雷達視圖。我們還在不斷努力使它變得更完美。
Seasonality Core is the complete weather center for your Mac. View weather at any of the 34,000 built-in locations in more than 200 countries, or add your own custom weather location to view even more precise data. Seasonality gives you an accurate 7 day forecast, graphs of past weather conditions, a custom satellite/radar image, and much more. Seasonality Core's graphs are excellent at showing how weather conditions are changing over days, months, or even years. Seasonality Core will automatically collect and store weather data indefinitely.

The custom satellite/radar image gives users the option to adjust opacity of both overlays, show the latest North American surface analysis, and view the global wind flow with Particle Mode.

Gaucho Seasonality Core v2.4 Mac OS X