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BrainFeverMedia Reflect Studio 2.8 MacOSX-水倒影濾鏡軟件
BrainFeverMedia Reflect Studio for mac 是一款專業的水倒影濾鏡軟件,這款軟件可以讓照片有寧靜空曠的效果,是每個攝影師都能用到的照片處理軟件,效果完美,令人驚嘆。用漂亮的反光表面創造出漂亮的照片 反射是一種強大的效果,應該出現在每個攝影師和設計師的工具箱中。 Reflect Studio是LensFlare Studio創作者的全新照片編輯器。Reflect Studio包括除水之外的反射表面,如海洋,冰,地板,海灘等。

BrainFeverMedia Reflect Studio 2.x MacOSX | 93.66 MB
Create beautiful photos with stunning reflective surfaces. Reflections are a powerful effect that should be in every photographers' and designers' tool box. Reflect Studio is a brand new Photo Editor from the creators of LensFlare Studio.

Reflect Studio includes reflective surfaces beyond just water such as oceans, ice, floors, beaches, and more.

Reflect Your Photos
Add stunning watery reflections to your photos creating amazing works of art.

Share Your Photos
Share your artistic masterpiece with family and friends.

Easy to Use
Simple design is easy to use with stunning results.

Tons of Presets
30+ presets covering water, ice, floors, ocean waves, and more.

Reflect includes a wide selection of presets from calm water and ocean waves to ice and metal.

Customize each reflection type, adjust wave size, fog, blur, color, etc.

Professional Filters
Make beautiful and unique photos with Reflect's professional filter choices.

Fog and Haze
Add atmospheric effects like fog and haze for inredibly realistic horizons.

Lens Textures
Add surface and glass lens textures for a stylized and artistic look.

SciFi Surfaces
Take your photos to another dimension with SciFi computerized floor surfaces.

What's New in Version 2.7:
- Updated for macOS 10.12 Sierra
- Added link to my new app SkyLab Studio

Requirements: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor.

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